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P5/6 – Mrs Gill

Today Year 5/6 did amazingly well as they presented their weather forecasts to their classmates! Perhaps there is a future Frank Mitchell in our midst! #weatherwatchers
Finishing off our topic “Our School” by comparing the floor plans of Drumaghlis PS and Glasswater PS. The boys and girls wondered why the Crossgar site was used when the schools emalgamated, so they needed to do some research!
Today it was the mummies who came to visit Year 5/6 to share how they use their maths skills at work. Thanks to Louise, Nicola and Heather for popping in and answering all the pupils’ questions! #mathsweekireland
Perimeter in the playground took the Year 5s and 6s out of the classroom this afternoon! Much fun was had as they all drew, measured and chatted in the gorgeous sunshine!
Some of the daddies of P5/6 pupils came in today to share how they use their Maths skills in their jobs! A huge thank you to Matt and Richard for coming in and making Maths more meaningful to the children. #mathsweekireland
Year 5/6 enjoyed painting our school badge using the pointillism style this afternoon! They did so well and showed much patience as they adopted this tricky technique!

“That wasn’t a Maths game Mrs Gill. That was fun!” Year 5 pupil 

This afternoon was Maths Games time in Glasswater and the boys and girls loved it!


Measuring Up!

The long and the short of it is....Year 5/6 had lots of fun measuring the length of different objects around the school today!

Welcome to P5/6!


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