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PTA MEETING 2nd March 2018 @ 13.00  ALL WELCOME





PTA BAG PACK AT ASDA DOWNPATRICK, FRIDAY 23RD FEB, 10AM - 1PM.. If any parents/guardians are available to help on this day, please contact a member of the PTA or school. We have times 10-11, 11-12, 12-1, thank you. 




Anyone who shops online can help support Glasswater Primary School PTA-Downpatrick. 

Join easyfundraising and you can help collect free donations for our school everytime you shop online. It doesnt cost you a penny extra, take a look and help us raise funds today.

With one new member in November we now have 42 supporters.

To date we have raised an impressive £3,847.99 Thank you :-)



We have a small new & used uniform shop situated at the lower entrance inside the cloak room. All uniform is labelled and any money owed is to be given to Miss Creighton in P1. If you have any unwanted uniform this can be donated in the same area on the lower shelves.

All funds go directly to the school.

If you are looking for Name Tags please go to "My Nametags", the school ID code is displayed on the PTA notice board, 20% of the total order goes to our school. 





Thank you to all those people who made donations and purchased tickets for this years Christmas Hampers. Special thanks to Louise Watson for wrapping them and well done to this years winners. We are delighted that £526 was raised for our school. 



The PTA are very pleased to announce that we bought and presented two Apple Tv's to the school in December. 



Our Christmas Cards, Gift Tags and other personalised items have arrived back!

A huge thank you to everyone who supported this we raised £292.03 for the school.



The PTA have arranged and paid admission for all the children in the school to go and see a Pantomine for Christmas, Beauty and the Beast at the Lyric Theatre. Another example of how everyones hard work and support makes these little things possible for our children. 



A fantastic fun and colourful evening was had at this years Halloween Disco. The children's costumes and face painting was amazing. We had 93 Children in attendance, with the door and tuck shop proceeds raising an impressive £404.00.

Special thanks to:

Andrew Han of Highlight Events for being our DJ.

Pamela from Costcutters Crossgar who donated all drinks, sweets and crisps for our tuck shop.

Karen and Colin Revels-Ward who donated the glow sticks.

Stephen and Paula Fitzsimons who lent us the giant hands at the door.

The PTA Mums, Dads and teachers who gave lots of help to set up and run the event.

Miss Creighton and Robyn who took some great pictures and were the last ones to leave.

Everyone together made this a great evening for the children and raised some much appreciated funds.



During August, the PTA took on the major task of fixing the school perimeter wall. It was washed with a high pressure hose to remove the loose paint and moss. The areas with loose render were removed, had fresh plaster reapplied, got dashed with fresh stones before the whole wall was finally repainted. Special thanks to Paul Scott and Donald Gibson for your voluntary labour. Also thanks to Neil Martin and Mark Quinn who fitted us in so the project could be completed before the start of the Autumn term.



26th May 2017 was our Sponsored Walk raising an impressive £1097.00 - thank you to all the children for completing the walk and raising a significant amount of money. 

The walk started from the school and proceeded around Tobar Mhuire, on return drinks and a healthy snack were served to the children, along with tea and coffee for the adults. 

Special thanks to Elaine Robinson for providing the healthy snack of oranges/grapes and to all the parents who were there to help.


26th April 2017 -  Khulula Choir From Swaziland Performance

The PTA were asked to help provide tray bakes, cakes, biscuits and assistance in serving refreshments at this event and I am proud to say that the parents of Glasswater Primary School should be extremely proud of the pupils attending and of the kindness from the parents who hand baked everything and served on the night. Special thanks to Catherine Clydesdale for making key rings for the evening - they looked fantastic.


7th April 2017 Easter Trail 

The peace and tranquility of Tobar Mhuire Crossgar was an excellent place for our Easter Trail. Carefully thought out by Leah Morrison, it was certainly enjoyed with lots of giggles, fresh air and excitement. At the end of the trail a well earned break with some Easter Treats were enjoyed by all. Thank you to everyone who helped on the day and special thanks to Leah for organising the event.


6th April 2017 Eggs In A Jar

This year the PTA provided the school council with the Easter Eggs in the Jar. This years winner Amy Graham guessed the correct amount of 123 Eggs! Well done to the school council for managing this so well. 


March 2017 - World Book Day

This year marked 20 years of world book day, the celebration of authors, illustrators, books and most importantly reading.

The PTA worked with the school in a book swap and the children dressed up to bring their book characters to life. A very colourful parade and some treats from the PTA marked a fun day.

Thank you to those who helped out.


3rd March 2017 - Cyber Coach PE

The PTA purchased an annual licence for Cyber Coach PE, a web-based activity. The programme is designed to help teachers to incorporate physical activity into the daily routine of their pupils and may be used by all children both in school and at home. 

To find access details please see the PTA notice board. 


24th February 2017 - Cinema Afternoon

Thank You to the School Council for your help in selecting the Movie, The Croods for the cinema afternoon. 

The afternoon from 2-4pm was a big success enjoyed by 85 pupils, raising £212.50.

The hall was set up with an extra speaker this year to give it the full cinema effect and the children enjoyed a snack pack which included a drink, popcorn & sweets.

Special thanks to Mr Milligan, The Teachers, Sara and Parents who helped at this event and 

Thank you to everyone for supporting this. 


15th December 2016 - Christmas Hampers 

Special thanks to all those who made donations towards this years Christmas Hampers & Louise from Watson's Flowers Ballynahinch for wrapping them.

We had seven Hampers in total which raised £271.00 for our school.

Congratulations to all the winners. 


16th November 2016 - PTA Supplies New Outdoor Play Equipment

It was a pleasure to be able provide all the pupils of Glasswater Primary School with new outdoor play equipment. 

This was paid for with the funds raised by the PTA and its lovely to see all the children making great use of it.

Items provided were new Gymnastic Skipping Ropes, Jumbo Skipping Ropes, Ankle Skips, Plastic Stilts, Hula Hoops, Footballs, Whopper Hoppers, Lola Balls and Storage Containers.

Thank you to everyone for your support and making this possible. 


11th November 2016 - Smarties

With the smarties eaten and tubes returned we are extremely happy to announce that the school has raised an impressive £405.40 Thank you. 


11th November 2016 Personalised Christmas Cards

Congratulations to all our wonderful artists on completing templates for the schools first ever personalised Christmas Cards, Mugs and Tea Towels we raised £457.15. 

We do hope you are happy with your order. If you have any quesitons or problems please contact a member of your PTA. Thank you.


21st October Half Term - Fancy Dress Halloween Disco

Lots of smiling faces and wonderful costumes were a delight to see at this years Halloween Disco. With 81 Children attending it was indeed a fun and busy night raising £355.30. 

Special thanks to the following:

-Andrew Han of Highlight Events for being our DJ on the evening.

-Andrea Crimason who donated some new Halloween Decorations.

-Bells Crossgar supplied our drinks and sweets at a discounted rate.

-Daphne Scott who donated some other confectionary.

-Stephen & Paula Fitzsimons leant us some giant hands.

-The PTA Mums who gave lots of help with the set up and running of the event.

-Miss Creighton who took some great pictures and was the last one to leave, locking up.

Everyone together has made this a very successful night THANK YOU:-)


22nd October Volunteer Tidy Up 

On Saturday 22nd October we had a volunteer tidy up. This has made a wonderful difference to our school. We verged, scraped moss and took ivy off the school perimeter wall. We painted the fenced area around the bins, the planter pots, & renewed the yellow safety edge markings on the stairs. Finally we had a good sweep up and removed the fallen leaves along with a little gardening. Thank you to Brian Clydesdale, Nicola Han, Chris McClintock, Matt Owen, Paul Scott & Stephen Fitzsimons.  


August 2016, New Fenced Area with Nature Garden.

Towards the end of August the PTA funded an outside project at the end of the tennis court where we now have a Fenced Area with a Nature Garden.

This looks amazing and we would like to say a big thank you to Donald Gibson who donated his time and expertise on this project. He was helped by some other Dads, Paul Scott, Hami Coulter and Stephen Fitzsimons who donated their time in labour.

We also had some Businesses who contributed to our project so thank you to Metal Fabrication Crossgar who donated the galvanised steel fence posts, Mobile Stock Crossgar who donated some materials and Watsons Flowerstop Ballynahinch who donated the plants and bulbs for the finishing touches.

I think its safe to say we here at Glasswater Primary School are extremely happy with our new garden where we look forward to attracting some Wildlife in our little haven.

Thank you to everyone at Glasswater Primary School.